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Before treatment

Biosync Therapy

The initial consultation is 1.5-2hrs. It includes an extensive client intake form. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing (yoga or gym wear), preferably dark leggings and a light coloured top. For home visits, p lease have a duvet or soft throws, a few different sized pillows and/or cushions available.  

Biosync releases soft tissue and negative imprints on the deepest cellular level through lengthening and unwinding the tissue utilizing chi energy.

All treatments are more effective if you refrain from indulging in alcohol 24hrs before and after the massage. Use Epsom Salts in a bath the evening of the treatments, when possible. Drink lots of water (preferably warm or room temperature) and hot water with lemon the morning after the treatment.


Table based Each treatment is specifically tailored for you!

For all treatments (other than BIOSYNC) please allow an extra 15mins for your first appointment. You will be asked to fill in a form which details your lifestyle and health e.g. injuries or illnesses. This is a confidential form used to create a treatment plan, updated with subsequent visits, allowing you to design your ultimate bodywork treatment and records the improvement of your health.  

To get the most out of my treatment

Clinic or treatment room:

For your first appointment please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment is scheduled to begin, for appointments thereafter please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment is scheduled to begin. Things to avoid before your treatment: alcohol 24hrs before, a heavy meal 2-3 hours prior to your treatment. Drink a lot of water and allow yourself time to relax and enjoy the effects of the massage. Kindly turn off mobile phones.

Home visits:

Allow 10 minutes before and after your treatment to set up and break down the massage table and equipment (hot stones). Indian Head massages require a low-back chair. Please clear a quiet, uncluttered area in your home for your treatment, creating a space with the intention to completely relax and bring yourself into the present moment. You may want to select some relaxing music you prefer. Kindly turn off mobile phones.

A Touch of Magic Massage Therapy

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