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The Massage


Just occasionally, there's a contact in my well-researched little black book that I'm loathe to pass on. 

Right now, it's a massage therapist, so extraordinary, that the thought of sharing her name, gets my selfish gene whirring into action. But for fear of seeming Gollum-like here goes…my precioussssss; she's called Therese Synnott at A Touch of Magic. Believe me, if you want the most excellent massage, Therese is your woman . As well 

as home treatments, she works from select spas and clinics across London and has a full menu of therapies including Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. And on top of all that, Synnott is a Reiki master and often throws in amazing energy healing during a massage, leaving you a bit bemused as to why you feel so calm and ok with the world.

If you've ever had a bad massage you'll know how excruciating it can be; when the therapist hands are too soft, too hard or it just feels like they'd rather be in the pub or anywhere, than working your back. But not with Synnott. Therese really cares about her clients. And her hands can read a body like Braille.

Try her and you'll get it. But maybe just don't pass her name on.

Vanity Fair

April 2011

Gal with a Suitcase 

Our intrepid business traveler finds that good haircuts and manicures are possible to find in the city of London - if you know where to look. 

The most treasured person I found in London was Therese Synnott, massage goddess extraordinaire. She is other-worldly and spiritual perfection. When the Black Eyed Peas come to London, this is who they call. You should too. At your home or in select spas.

Jolie Hunt

The Daily Beast

26 Feb 2011

"London Notes:

Wonderful masseuse in your house"

Therese Synnott is an at-home masseuse you'll thank me for!

A Reiki Master, Level 4 diploma in Holistic Massage, Therese is able to hone her expertise on whatever needs you require at the moment. I call on her at least 4xs per year and go right to bed after her visit for the full effect. There aren't many massages I feel the loosening effect of days later like I do with hers. Insider Andrew Zlot says: " Healing hands is an understatement here. Therese is calming and creates a cocoon of sorts in your home—candles, great smelling oils, soothing music..." Book 90 minutes or take 2 hours for a truly fabulous deep tissue relaxing massage. Cost: Home visits £85 for 60 minutes, £115 for 90 minutes.

Email:| 07931 946906


25 Jan 2010


“Deep Tissue with Therese Synnott"

Papua New Guinean Therese Synnott has trained in many different massage and healing systems including holistic, Indian head, Balinese, Hot stone, manual lymphatic drainage, sports massage, Reiki and Shiatsu. Her wide experience means she can cater the massage for each individual and decide on the day what they need. She says that before each treatment she asks her higher self to connect with her client’s higher self so that the person receives exactly the right massage experience.

Well I don’t know what our higher selves spoke about but they must have got on like a house on fire as the session was one of the best massages I’ve ever received . Therese had an intuitive sense of how deep to go and where. She started with a Balinese Hot Stone treatment but I definitely felt like I was receiving Reiki at one point as well (she confirmed this later). Between my shoulder blades – which is where I often hold tension - felt very hot while she was working and at the end my shoulders were softer than they usually are. She massaged some Zen shiatsu points in my neck and that really helped to relieve stiffness there.

At the end I felt like a complete space cadet given the very deep level of relaxation I achieved. Deep tissue massage can be painful if you’re not used to it but Therese was careful throughout to check that the level of pressure was fine with me. I prefer a stronger massage and so this was ideal.

She warned me afterwards that I may get tearful or experience emotions bubbling up and not to worry but to take it easy and drink lots of water. I didn’t have that happen but I did sleep exceptionally well all that week. 

Highly recommended. 

TA (Editor) - Kindred Spirit

Oct/Nov 2009  

“It's the most sleep-inducing, body-tinging massage we have ever tested.... utterly professional... find out exactly what you want to achieve from the treatment, and then... deliver it - with style. Is it worth it? Definitely.... we guarantee you will float home afterwards.” 

Score 9/10

London Lite

June 2009


“Hidden Gems are always a delight to uncover, especially when they are a pampering treatment like no other. I have reviewed many massages since becoming a journalist and in all that time, I can safely say that none has been as good as Therese Synnott . Being a knotted and stressed individual, I found nothing would loosed my muscles and indeed cure me of mild discomfort when trying to sleep. Therese however found the spots and kneaded away until the knots began to dissipate. With a courteous nature (not at all offended if you ask the pressure to be lessened) Therese applied the deep tissue massage with finesse, her arms and hands feeling like a machine, with such swift movements it was unbelievable to think her diminutive frame was creating this kind of sensation. Hot Stones and Reiki included made the whole experience a joy to receive on an exceptionally cold, wintry day”.

The Hills Magazine

February 2009 

A Touch of Magic Massage Therapy

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