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"Therese is by far the best massage therapist I know. As a sufferer of back pain with two prolapsed discs and a sporty lifestyle, regular massage is very important to me and the skill of the therapist is paramount.

Therese provides a deeply remedial treatment as well as a very holistic and relaxing experience that I can highly recommend.

Alex P. Grant 


"Best therapist in the world bar none."

Sinead O'Connor


"Therese has been massaging me for over a year (05/2010). I have been to hundreds of practitioners and I consider her one of the best. She not only is incredibly gifted and knows her anatomy but she has what I would call a spiritual quality.

She can go very deep which I find most people can't and yet with enormous sensitivity.

There are certain people who transform not only your body but the atmosphere, she is one of those. I am so sorry to see her go, she is not easily replaced.

Ruby Wax


"One of the best massages I’ve had – And I’ve had many! Thank you!"

Tanya Ashan

Editor, Kindred Spirit

"A 'massage angel' just reminded me that they really do exist!"

Annie Lennox


"THERESE'S BIOSYNC: A deep massage treatment for both the body and soul leading straight to the heart of Mother Earth!

There are massages and other healing body treatments, and then there is Biosync…​

When Therese first suggested I try Biosync, I was expecting a very intense, rigorous stretching session and kept putting it off. How wrong I was! I found myself having the most relaxing deep tissue massage I have ever experienced.

Using her feet and elbows, Therese is able to go much deeper and stay on tight spots for much longer than in conventional deep tissue massages because I am lying flat out on the ground, my body resting into the earth, not elevated on top of a massage table. It inspires a whole different level of trust between client and therapist, allowing for a far deeper experience both in body and soul. In fact, five minutes into my first session, belly down and arms and legs sprawled out as Therese did her mindful, powerful walking on my tight limbs, I suddenly became a little child resting merrily on the warm tummy of a giant, benevolent Mother. Off we drifted into a huge ocean, still and serene but for a ripple or two, and that soothing, profound sensation of nurture and safety stayed with me long after we ended our session and became my default for future sessions to come.

Thank you, Therese, for never becoming complacent, for always striving for better, truer ways of healing, and thank you, Mark Lamm, for creating Biosync. It is rare indeed to find a body treatment that also frees and heals the soul. Biosync is one of these rare gems that has the power to bring us back to our beginnings and help set us free to embrace our present and our future…"

Cecile Holter


    "A 'massage angel' just reminded me that they really do exist!"

Annie Lennox


   "That was Amazing. Lots of love, Danny"

Danny O'Donoghue

Singer/Songwriter - The Scripts

   "T – you have some magic in those hands! JPE Just Painful Enough Thanks x"

Sebastian Faulks


    "Therese, you are the best thing about London. Thank you!"

Jolie Hunt

Principle, Hunt & Gatherer

   “Therese is a sublime healer. Her extraordinary technique, keen intuition, and powerful energy combine to provide healing that is incredibly profound. On all levels, Therese can divine what your body and spirit call for and customize your treatment to release what you no longer need, ease pain and and help you feel lighter in every sense of the word."

Mitch Kirsch

Owner, Planet Events

   "Thank you so much. Just what I needed :)"

Meg Macrae

Tour Manager, Bon Jovi

   "Thanks for the massage. Definitely need it! Well done!"

J ohn McEnroe

Tennis Commentator, Ex-tennis pro

   "I have been fortunate to live in many places in the world as a business professional – New York City, Tokyo, Dallas and London amongst other smaller cities. I’ve also been in a life threatening car accident, and enough years of competitive sports to have a body with some chronic pains and as a result I have used massage therapists at all those locations around the world.

Quite simply put, Therese is the ‘best of the best’! 

She learned I was a T1 diabetic and had rheumatoid arthritis, and studied to learn more about both further and adjust her technique to aid me even further.Therese’s hot stone massage is wonderful and she has a nice cadence – I encourage you to give her a call!"

Paula Larson

Global Consultant

    "Thank you so very much. Now I can jump around on stage like an idiot, in comfort"

Travis Stever

Guitarist, Coheed and Cambria

    "One of the best, most restorative massages I’ve ever had! Thank you"

Suzanne Spires

   "I have been visiting Therese Synnott since February 2009. I asked Therese to give me a course of weekly lymphatic drainage massages to reduce water retention in my lower legs and to reduce cellulite around my thighs and upper legs - and, combined with a home regime of daily body brushing, the results were impressive.

By the early summer of 2009 the cellulite had reduced significantly and my legs were noticeably more toned and defined with less water retention. I was delighted.

Therese also incorporated back and neck massages into her treatment, and I quickly noticed a significant reduction in my migraines and an increased resistance to illness - no colds, no flu, and I slept better at night. I also felt generally more relaxed with a greater sense of well-being. 

Therese is a great therapist who tailors her treatments precisely to your needs and regularly introduces new techniques. I am delighted to be a regular client of hers."

Caroline Harvey

Publishing Consultant

  "Amazing - Will be back! Thank You!"

Alice Temperley

Fashion Designer

   "Thank you so much!! Very good and deep"

Fredrik Anderssson

Drummer, Amon Amarth

    "You were a devine gift sent from above"

Ben Caplan


   "I had not found a massage therapist I wanted to visit regularly until Therese, despite my back and neck needing regular attention. 

Since I’ve been using Therese, my muscular pain is significantly reduced. 

Her extensive knowledge and training, including in sports massage, means she is able to do an in-depth assessment of the areas needing attention, and then use a variety of techniques to work on them. And, as a bonus, she is a lovely, lively, warm person who is a pleasure to have in your home."

L. L.


    "My favourite pair of hands, you make me weak in calm and serenity"

Lisa Auger

General Business Manager - Jazz Cafe

   "Amazing at finding the right area. Also good advice!"

Lee Malia

Lead Guitarist - Bring me the Horizon

   "I have had the ultimate privilege of experiencing Therese's Biosync treatment and can say categorically my own healing abilities have reflected her magic. Literally, I can now offer my clients advanced treatments newly birthed because of what she assisted me in releasing."

Michele Roberts

Energy Therapist

   "Most Amazing treatment I ever had. you got a magic touch. I will be looking forward to receive another treatment. Many thanks"

Sajila Dhaubhadel

Beauty Therapist

   "Magical healing hands. I feel restored - quite priceless. I love Therese!."

Serene Miqdadi

Shen Therapist

   "After a particularly stressful time at work, I had a deep tissue massage with Therese. When I went in my shoulders were so tight they were practically up around my ears and I was so wound up, I'd not been sleeping well.

It didn't take long for Therese's magic fingers to get to work unknotting all the stress and by the end of the session, the stress had gone and I had everything back in proportion again.

I slept like a baby that night too, so thank you Therese!

Highly recommended!"

Margaret O'Donnell

Web Manager

   "OH MY GOD!!! Better than sex (almost)"


Domestic Goddes

   "Unbelievable!! Therese has the magic touch. Firm but relaxing which is just what I needed."

Chad Moleken

UK Managing Director, Rainmaker

    "Best ever! I’ll be back. Very specifically focused & professional"


Film Director

A Touch of Magic Massage Therapy

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