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Post-natal Treatments 
with Therese Synnott

Postnatal Massage and Intuitive Therapy with Therese: Nurturing the Journey to Wellness


Celebrate the transformative journey into motherhood with Therese, a compassionate therapist specializing in postnatal massage and intuitive therapy, including fertility support. As a dedicated guide, Therese brings both expertise and empathy to support individuals in the postpartum phase and those seeking fertility assistance. Her nurturing touch and intuitive approach create a safe space for healing, rejuvenation, and a seamless transition into the joys of motherhood.

Postnatal Massage:

Therese's postnatal massage is tailored to address the unique needs of new mothers as they navigate the physical and emotional changes following childbirth. With a focus on recovery, relaxation, and restoring balance, Therese's skilled touch aims to alleviate tension, promote healing, and provide much-needed support during this special time. Her nurturing approach honors the postpartum journey, allowing mothers to embrace self-care and wellness.

Intuitive Therapy, Including Fertility Support:

For those on the path to expanding their families, Therese extends her intuitive therapy to include fertility support. Recognizing the emotional and physical challenges that can accompany fertility struggles, Therese's sessions create a supportive space for healing and balance. Her intuitive guidance and therapeutic techniques are tailored to the unique needs of each client, offering compassionate support on the journey to conception and beyond.

About Therese:

Therese is not just a skilled therapist; she is a compassionate companion on the journey to wellness and motherhood. With specialized training and a nurturing spirit, Therese's sessions extend beyond the physical, providing emotional and energetic support to those in the postnatal phase and those seeking fertility assistance. Her intuitive therapy embraces the whole person, fostering a transformative experience that honors the sacred journey of motherhood.

Embark on your path to postnatal well-being and fertility support with Therese's postnatal massage and intuitive therapy. Each session is thoughtfully designed to nurture, heal, and support you on your unique journey to wellness.

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