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A Touch of Mag​ic Massage Therapy


​Therese Synnott is world renowned in the field of holistic bodywork. Combining nearly twenty years of intensive studies and extensive experience, she has travelled the world in search of the best holistic, powerful, and effective bodywork modalities.


This training allows her to intuitively connect with each client to meet and release the body's physical pains, while channelling chi energy to encourage the release of (the inner body's) trauma.

During time in Guatemala, New York (The Omega Institute), Los Angeles, London, Bali, Thailand, Peru and Brazil, Therese has mastered massage therapies such as Deep Tissue, Biosync, Myofascial Release, Balinese, Hot Stones, Holistic/Swedish, Indian Head massage, Pregnancy/Post Pregnancy, Manual Lymphatic, Qi and Reiki (where she is a certified master). 


Therese prides herself on remaining present in mind, body, and spirit during each session - this allows her to guide clients' realignment and encourages a deeper connection to a peaceful state of being.


Based in London, Therese travels the world, with and for her clients.

"Believe me, if you want the most excellent massage, Therese is your woman."​

A List

Vanity Fair UK

"Best therapist in the world bar none."

Sinead O'Connor


"A 'massage angel' just reminded me that they really do exist!"

Annie Lennox​


Therese Synnott has worked her magic on the likes of Tony Robbins, Lady Gaga, Trevor Barker, WillIam, The Gypsy Kings, David Coverdale, Sebastian Faulks, Jake Gyllenhall, John McEnroe and royalty within the UK and abroad. One of her harshest/most critical clients was the 10 years old son of a dear client who skeptically mentioned before getting on the table that he'd had a couple of great massages before.. but then acquiesced that she might be better. 




Deep Tissue


Hot Stones

Indian Head 

Manual Lymphatic


Reiki (Master)

Massage is one of the oldest forms of touch/healing therapy and has been found to physically improve circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility. It can reduce many common yet debilitating ailments such as stress, muscle tightness, aches and pains - even anxiety and depression.

Holistic in its approach to every treatment, your state of mind, body and spirit are taken into consideration. Each treatment can vary greatly in accordance to your lifestyle, physical activities, stress and health issues which may require different techniques in its approach to re-balance and realign you to your optimal self.

T o book an appointment:

Therese Synnott

+44 (0)7931 946906

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